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Ensure that Segment is integrated and working correctly. Hire us for expert implementation and quick response.

The Most Experienced Solutions Partner for Segment Integrations

Segment is the Rosetta Stone of MarTech APIs. It can capture data from every customer touch point and pass it to the tools where it is used most effectively.

This allows you to understand and control all of your analytics, sales, and marketing — with significantly less upkeep, maintenance, and dev hours. Segment is a powerful tool that unblocks teams — from engineering, to product, to marketing.

But figuring out how to integrate Segment with its expanding catalogue of hundreds of tools can cause headaches and developer turnover.

Don’t just wing it with your Segment implementation.

Have us do it for you. Our team has more professional experience integrating Segment than any other analytics consultancy. We’ve been a Solutions Partner of Segment since the start of their partner program, and we’ve been using the tool since its launch seven years ago.

Is a Segment Implementation Right for You?

  • Integrate five or more MarTech tools
  • A central data pipeline so you can focus on maintaining one MarTech tool instead of a dozen
  • Reduce Developer workload
  • More control over your data flows and cleanliness
  • Unified Customer journey
  • Data backbone for web apps

What to Expect from a Segment Implementation Project

From strategizing business cases to post-implementation debugging, we’ll handle it all. You get effortless, seamless Segment implementation.

Segment implementation strategy and planning – we’re with you every step

Strategy: We’ll create a strategy for your Segment implementation and build your personalized Segment tracking plan (taxonomy) to ensure that all your business is tracked.

Implementation: Then we’ll move on to implementation planning, support, and training. We’ll match you with a McGaw team member who will be supporting you throughout the process.

You’ll have access to developers and expert marketers from start to finish then after the integration is complete, we’ll go into the control panel for the integrated tools and Segment, to make sure the data is flowing correctly.

Segment Knowledge Transfer: Let Us Give You the Keys and the Blueprint to a Seamless Implementation

You can learn about Segment from our webinar on starting with Segment, case study on integrating Segment with Marketo, personalization case studies, or the extensive case study on Segment as the backbone of the McGaw MarTech stack. You can also use our Segment spec template or Segment CSV Uploader.

For our clients, we carry out a full knowledge transfer every time we do a Segment implementation. You’ll get extensive documentation that shows exactly what’s happening behind the scenes — every event, property, and instance you track. We document exactly how data gets sent with JavaScript examples and real code snippets.

Tools We've Previously Integrated with Segment

We can integrate with a wide selection of tools.

We’re a certified partner of Segment and many of the tools in their destination library, including Clearbit, Mixpanel, Salesforce, Marketo, Braze, Ortto, Iterable, Google Analytics,, and Amplitude.

We also have experience integrating Segment with tools such as Marketo and HubSpot, and we often implement Segment in tandem with Google Tag Manager.

Our Recent Segment Implementation Clients

Get Segment implemented for you company, with confidence and ease. Start by scheduling your free Segment integration assessment.
  • The project went really well, I'm happy we have the first set of Amplitude events up and running. Planning out the broader vision is also really helpful to set the groundwork for the future.

    • Nicole Watson
    • Product Strategist
    • MetaMap
  • McGaw has been helpful every step of the way. I am no stranger to Amplitude but there are still things I took away. I loved that we started with the document to start with questions and map out fields and definitions. There are things we will borrow from and use with other teams.

    • Steven Wujek
    • Director of Product
    • TuneCore
  • Dennis Wong

    I appreciate all the great work you've done. We've done a lot in the past couple of years and it's a testament to the good work you've done. Everything's been set up nicely.

  • McGaw is awesome! McGaw has really raised the bar and is helping OURA achieve its goals faster

    • Chris Weis
    • Sr. Manager Business Intelligence
    • Oura
  • They created the best Mixpanel people data I've ever seen. I was super impressed.

  • helped GoHunt increase user registrants by 240% in 7 days!!

    • Andrew Baca
    • Director of Product Development
    • goHUNT
  • has a deep set of both technical and analytic skills that most companies just don't have in-house. Our work with the team has given us the confidence we need when it comes to tracking and reporting on our business.

    • Sean McVey
    • Director, Demand Gen & Customer Acquisition
    • Virtru
  • The analytics audit was very thorough. The expectation was really high and we were impressed

    • Vassilena Valchanova
    • Director of Marketing
    • Enhancv
  • You guys did a great job with the audit. I appreciated the patience of going through our process and taking the time to learn about the business and what we need to do.

  • was very responsive to our needs. They established a solid analytical foundation that we can build upon.

    • Ezra Fishman
    • Director of Business Intelligence
    • Wistia
  • You're the best I literally wouldn't know what to do without you.

    • Alexandra Gibson
    • Chief Revenue Officer
    • Gooten
  • was on-point from the beginning. Their audit was comprehensive and eye opening - it validated a lot of issues we needed to confirm, and revealed more problems we didn't even know about. Glad those guys are in our corner.

  • Chris Burns Kissmetrics partnered with us to help integrate our clients into our service. His team followed our internal processes and gave our customers amazing customer service. We look forward to using them on other integration projects for our customers.

  • There is a massive talent gap in the industry today when it comes to Marketing Operations pros. Fortunately, this is where comes in. From Marketing Automation platforms to Web Analytics and Pipeline Attribution Dan McGaw and his team bring a wealth of experience to the table to help your business scale revenue and reach digital domination.

    • Sean Zinsmeister
    • Senior Director of Product Marketing
    • Infer
  • The team was awesome at helping us set up our Mixpanel analytics, run A/B tests and get our Growth framework up to speed. The work they put in is still paying dividends to this day. Thanks Dan + team!

  •'s project management was an unexpected tutorial for our team and enhanced our company workflow. It was a really cool value add.'s sense of urgency and response time were fantastic.

    • Laurie Kortowich
    • Executive Program Director
    • Engine 2
  • Dan is one of the most effective marketers I know because he goes beyond lame growth hacks and actually improves the product so it markets itself. Then he finds ways to form partnerships that amplify that growth.

  • They lived up to their name! Their service, support and work didn't just meet the bar, they jumped over it.

  • Dan, just wanted to say, you guys have been Effin Amazing!

  • Fast and to the point. They just want to make you more money. Think fast. Act fast. If these services are not appreciated, then best of luck to you.

  • Dan and his team came in to help ramp up our optimizations program, and man did they. Our team was trained to follow their high velocity optimization program and it has proved wonders to our conversion rates.

  • They helped us by getting us to understand we need to care about analytics and testing and that both should be important factors in our decision making.

  • Dan helped us build a successful RICE model that improved our prioritization process for our Field Marketing program. He provided expertise that was instrumental in showing the key data behind our evaluation model.

    • Heather Ezelle
    • Field Marketing Manager
    • Eventbrite
  • Always available to help with everything from high-level strategic issues all the way down to the smallest of details.

  • I totally recommend for any kind of job.

    • David Peguero
    • Marketing Consultant
    • MIND Hub
  • Dan’s understanding of the digital marketing space was very clear in his understanding of the best tools out there. He not only had a good grasp of the tools but also how to effectively use them to maximize impact.

    • Eugene Chi
    • General Manager, West Region
    • Microsoft
  • was really helpful and your attitude could not have been better. I am really happy with your help, support, and advice.

    • Marcos Barrio
    • Head of UX & E-commerce
    • Luckia
  • Does your site need more conversions? Is your social strategy lacking oopmph? You will want to get in touch.

    • Nathan Boe
    • VP of Marketing
    • DataBid
  • The whole team we are working with is amazing. They all possess a great expertise in their respective fields.

  • managed to quickly grasp our marketing automation needs and provided valuable inputs and guidelines to avoid potential blindspots.

  • Each week I'm finding new ways to leverage our marketing stack to fuel growth and get better results. Thanks for an amazing setup and continued support.

  • I’m grateful to the whole team for all you’ve done to raise our game so far so fast.

  • The consultation was well managed and quite straightforward in the pursuit of answers and actionables. I don't usually enjoy casual consultations but must say it felt productive, and I got two interesting takeaways to chew on regarding how we track user communications.

    • Eva Casado de Amezua
    • Developer Community Manager
    • Typeform
  • The team at is well-organized, detailed and collaborative. They’ve brought us structure and analytics where it didn’t exist previously.

    • Lindsey Neidig
    • VP of Marketing
    • Rouxbe
  • The level of expertise and insight we receive from Dan McGaw and the rest of his team at has turned our marketing around. We were able to transition quickly into more robust automation platforms, and are well on our way to now being able to dig into user behavior to see what campaigns are truly working. Dan's guidance in directing where we focus our efforts has been invaluable. These guys have our trust and have gone above and beyond to make sure we feel like a valued client.

    • Frank Jackson
    • Senior Content Marketing Manager
    • Gooten
  • The project was executed as expected. It was great working with - they did a fantastic job. Looking forward to working with you and your team on future projects.

    • Heather Green
    • Senior Customer Success Manager
    • Zaius
  • Got a lot of value of the consultation

  • Dan delivered value within 30 minutes of our first phone call - before ever becoming a client. He naturally is able to translate his experience to your level and package stories in an immediately reliable way. Thanks for the fun and enlightening conversation Dan!

  • My consultation meeting with Dan was awesome. He was able to quickly identify our analytics gaps and help us improve our paid advertising tracking. Looking forward to their support in the future."

  • The consultation was very helpful. It got me cooking on what I need to do next in building my company.

  • Working with has been great. Their process and team are first class. They are one of the best vendors we have ever worked with.

  • Robby Barbaro

    I have worked with Dan and team on a daily basis for over a year. They truly are amazing. No exaggeration, I highly recommend investing in their services. You will earn the money back, no question. He won’t work with you, unless he knows he can get you results. Dan’s honesty is brutal at times, but always appreciated. His team is ridiculously organized and super responsive. I can't recommend them enough.

  • Everyone was really impressed your audit and strategy The audit provided a lot of value and helped get our team aligned with priorities.

    • Marty Link
    • Director of Digital Strategy
    • EBI Inc.
  • Things went well with our Google Analytics audit. uncovered some shortcomings with our setup and made some great recommendations. In turn, we better trust the data and feel much more comfortable making important decisions based on Google Analytics' reports.

  • We were very pleased the Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager audit. Our team is implementing the recommendations and we look forward to working with again.

  • is enabling us to build a powerful ecosystem around data that will accelerate our customers to the next level. Their deep technical knowledge, extensive integration experience, and marketing fluency are why we’re proud to feature them as one of our Premier Partners.

    • Justin Lau
    • VP of Partnerships
    • Mixpanel
  • I wish everyone was as organized and easy to work with as you!

  • Our company needed to spin up Segment quickly and extract value from our CDP investment. McGaw was quick to the jump, got us spun up, and trained up quickly.

    • Harrison Hollingsworth
    • Marketing Director
    • AcreTrader
  • Claire Armstrong

    I really appreciated the thorough and quick communication with the McGaw team when setting up our Segment Personas instance. They did an excellent job understanding our needs, outlining our work, following up, and suggesting ideal solutions for our use cases.

    • Claire Armstrong
    • Director of Digital Product
    • Fender
  • Yanet López Sánchez

    We couldn't have done it without It was a pleasure working with you, you really helped us!

    • Yanet López Sánchez
    • Technical Program Manager
    • GBM
  • David Archuleta is great, and I appreciate all the work they do for ByHeart.

    • David Archuleta
    • Senior Direct of Digital Products
    • ByHeart
  • Alyssa Puketza makes me feel so much more comfortable with using Segment

    • Alyssa Puketza
    • Sr. Digital Marketing Manager
    • Culligan
  • Susan Hanshaw

    Working with McGaw team is a stellar example of the type of relationship we strive to build when working together with other vendors on projects for our clients. The team’s attentiveness to detail, ability to deliver important insights, and enthusiasm for creating a win-win environment has exceeded our expectations on every level. We definitely recognize that McGaw has played a key role in our success.

    • Susan Hanshaw
    • Managing Principal & Chief Marketing Strategist
    • Inner Architect
  • Joyce Bernas

    Our group here has only amazing things to say about the entire team. Your expertise, professionalism, honesty, patience and kindness. All of it is beyond our expectations so far.

    • Joyce Bernas
    • Head of CRM
    • Bauer
  • Kevin Caballes

    Working with McGaw was great, they are very on top of stuff. They checked in with us often, which was helpful to keep the project moving. McGaw went above and beyond with documentation and answering questions, and were able to help answer technical questions from our security and compliance teams.

    • Kevin Caballes
    • VP, Sales Strategy & Operations
    • Genesis
  • Ciaran Slemon

    I had a great experience with They provided various options of well-informed answers, as well as enlightening me on time-saving and pro-developer-experience solutions to problems we had been trying to solve. I greatly appreciated the concise and reliable pre/post meeting planning, agenda items, and notes, which made referring to previous discussions incredibly easy.

    • Ciaran Slemon
    • Lead Web Developer
    • InDebted
  • Tanner Wiles

    We’ve really appreciated you and the team’s efforts, preparation and diligence from the start and throughout this entire process. You guys have been top notch!

  • Sophie Duncan

    I was so grateful for jumping so quickly. I was on an island without our ByHeart analytics team here last week, and I am so grateful.

    • Sophie Duncan
    • Senior Director of Performance
    • ByHeart
  • Jens Nordgaard

    I really appreciate all McGaw have done so far, you all have been great to work with.

    • Jens Nordgaard
    • BI Analyst, Solutions, Insights Team Lead
    • Oura
Get a Segment implementation for your company easily and confidently

Leverage an Amazing Data Pipeline with an Amazing Data Partner

It does take a while to get comfortable with Segment. You need to be a techy marketer and you need a developer to roll it out.

You’ll save yourself time, money, and gain valuable know-how in the process if you hire a specialized team for the job.

McGaw is the best analytics agency for your Segment integration. We’ve been using the tool since their launch over seven years ago. Now we’re a certified partner of Segment along with about a dozen downstream tools. Plus we have extensive experience with Google Tag Manager, customer data platforms, marketing personalization, and analytics.

We serve as your Segment integration developer with a specialty in analytics and marketing automation. Dan, our CEO, was the head of marketing at Kissmetrics and makes sure all McGaw team members are highly knowledgeable.

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