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Solving world-class marketing technology challenges means you get to work with bright and experienced folks from across the U.S. and beyond. We’re here to get sh*t done, make an impact, and have fun along the way. With a work-from-anywhere policy, we’re also big on making sure that working hard also means relaxing well, which is why we offer generous benefits, including unlimited PTO.

Our Values

Never Settle, Be Amazing

Never Settle, Be Amazing

Transparency and trust are key elements that drive each other and the work for our clients to never settle. We’re fixing complex problems that, through grit, critical thought, and collaboration, turn out an amazing result.

Get Better Every Day

Get Better Every Day

Tech is changing constantly, and with that, so are our challenges and solutions to complex tech issues. With our training processes and voracious search for the truth, we strive to get better every day.

Set the Stage, Use Context

Set the Stage, Use Context

Ever tried to read a book from the middle and been totally lost on the characters, setting, or context? While you wouldn’t do that normally, it happens all the time in the real world. That’s why we’re constantly using context to set the stage and set up success.

Create Transparency Through Data

Create Transparency Through Data

Waxing poetic about deltas in your data might satisfy your inner philosopher, but that doesn’t cut it here. Through meticulously set funnels and reporting systems, we cut right through that soapbox speech with transparency and accurate data.

Use Hospitality to Build Trust

Use Hospitality to Build Trust

Before your drink is empty, we’re popping around with another one. Being reactive keeps you on your heels. Through hospitality, we’re staying right on our toes with proactive communication and rightly placed initiative.

We Love Our Clients

We have been partnered with for over a year. Dan and his team have been fun, professional and amazing for our business.

Compensation & Benefits

Our benefits are just one way we say “thank you” to our hardworking team members. Your life isn’t just work, and we recognize that through unlimited PTO, great health benefits, a well-equipped workstation, and ongoing training so you can continue learning.

Benefits & Coverage


Blue Cross Blue Shield


Blue Cross Blue Shield


Blue Cross Blue Shield

Family Care

Maternity and Paternity Leave


Employee coverage


Dependant coverage

Work from Home Policy

As a fully remote company, you can enjoy working from the comfort of your own workspace and save that time back in your day from the typical commute to be with family, friends, workout, or start relaxation early.

Each new member gets a full setup including a laptop, ultra-wide monitor, swag, and any other items you need to make your workstation comfortable.

Employee Recognition Program

Every other Monday, we kick off by highlighting how different team members are achieving the company values with peer shoutouts. That’s just the tip of the iceberg though. Quarterly reviews often lack context since they cover a 3 month period. Instead, we acknowledge exceptional work through gifts and spot bonuses. Heck, even Dan himself might fly out to you for a night on the town.

Office Perks

Work from Home

Full Desk Setup

Company Laptop

Continuing Education

Ongoing Coaching

What’s The Best Part About Working At


Skills are great, though we thrive as well on personalities that will build one another up, and also challenge the status quo. We don’t get better by being comfortable, but by always improving and listening to different perspectives. The diverse career backgrounds and experiences are part of what makes the team so great.

Meet the Team

Dan McGaw
Founder and CEO
Nik Friedman-Tebockhorst
VP of Solutions
Asa Hochhauser
VP of Sales
Franklin Bear
Franklin Bear
Director of Marketing Operations
Joel Hatmaker
Director of Engineering
Jeffrey Brown
Director of Marketing Operations
Andrew Seipp
Director of Growth Marketing
Danny Cox
Associate Director of Growth
Phil Vox
Technical Marketing Manager
Scott Wilson
Technical Marketing Manager
Hamed Kian
Analytics Manager
James Peterson
Solutions Engineer
Amanda Hamilton
Marketing Operations Project Manager
Min Laguyo
Services Executive Assistant
MC Gregorio
Sales Executive Assistant
Marko Bijelic
Front-End Designer

Our Open Careers

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