Funnel Optimization

Funnel Optimization

Your funnel isn’t making you as much money as it can, and we both know it. Let us help you with our data-driven approach. We’ll drill into the different stages of your funnel, identifying leaks and finding opportunities. Convert more leads, gain more customers, and grow your lifetime value.


Landing Page Optimization

“’s landing page and content strategy converted traffic to leads at 44%.” – Paolo De Santis, Cofounder of Chupamobile

Get more sign ups with the same traffic and shrink your acquisition costs with a great landing page. The right tests can create tremendous results, and that’s where we come in. We do landing page optimization so well, even Unbounce wrote about it.

Product A/B Testing

“ helped GoHunt increase user registrants by 240% in 7 days.” – Andrew Baca, GoHunt

Gain insights into what your users are doing. Our testing experience allows us to quickly interpret data, develop the best tests to run, and then implement them quickly. The other guys will show you spreadsheets; we’ll show you results.

Mobile App A/B Testing

Mobile apps have different challenges than websites. The devices, software, user location, and users themselves all add up to a complicated mess. Our team obsesses over finding qualitative and quantitative data to ensure we maximize every user experience possible.


Home Page Optimization

“ improved our homepage conversion rate by 284.9% in less than one month.” – John Azzi, Cofounder of BitFountain

You know what’s expensive? Redesigning an entire website. You know what’s effective? Making your current homepage perform better. No need to spend 6 figures and 6 months on a new website. Spend 6 weeks with us and see what you can do first.

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Funnel Optimization Process


Gather Data

Heat maps, recordings, and user flows provide a clear view into how visitors use your site.


Create Insights

Our team analyzes the data to build deep insights into where your funnel makes—or leaks—money.



We iterate ideas internally, then present you with an interactive preview of the funnel. Then you tell us you love it and we get to work.



We don’t ignore your funnel after launch. We continue testing, making sure that conversion rates stay optimal.

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