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Top New Tools from Our Team

WYSIWYG Tech Stack Builder

Manage your entire growth stack by visually adding tools, tracking your monthly cost, or assigning tool owners.

Segment CSV Importer

Segment CSV Importer allows you to import all of your historical data in the form of a CSV file to Segment in a matter of seconds.

Case Studies

  • Tech Stack Case Study

    Real Thread initially approached us because they wanted to increase net new customers. Looking at their business, we realized they didn’t need to spend more to expand; they just needed to take advantage of what they already had – which was lots of leads. We implemented a marketing automation tool that allowed communication among tools and had better reporting.
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  • Google Analytics Case Study

    After our initial audit for Wilson Golf Group, we determined that overall the analytics structure for Oakglengolf.com needed to be rebuilt to include data for all steps of the funnel for booking tee times. We did this through the implementation of Google Tag Manager on the site and third party booking applications. More data than ever is now flowing into Oak Glen’s Google Analytics.
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  • Marketing Automation Case Study

    Carolina Designs Realty is a vacation rental company located in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. They wanted to implement advanced analytics and more sophisticated marketing automation to improve their revenue. The first campaign increased conversions by 189% compared to the standard funnel, and all campaigns created a 500% increase in leads.
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  • Lead Generation Case Study

    Forks Over Knives was a blossoming media brand with great traffic and exposure through its documentary. They wanted to leverage that traffic to grow their email list, reach, and revenues. We created dynamic email captures for the top and bottom of article pages and rolled out pop-ups and hello bars that pushed visitors to landing pages for additional email captures. We were able to grow the Forks Over Knives email list by hundreds of thousands of emails, a 180% increase.
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