Marketing Stack and Automation

Marketing and Sales Tech Stack

All roads lead to Rome and all data leads to Revenue. We connect your marketing and sales tech stack so that you actually know where your revenue comes from and why. Our strong analytics experience means we don’t just recommend a CRM and call it day. We make sure the data is integrated, ROAS attributed the stack works seamlessly, and you get the answers you need.

Email Automation and Customer Nurture

Capterra found that every $1 spent on email returns an average of $44.25, source.
Once we’ve optimized to get you more leads, we take care of those new leads with email automation. We create workflows to convert prospects into sales automatically. And just because we made the sale doesn’t mean the automation stops. We’ll help you identify how to turn customers into ambassadors using the right customer nurture programs.

Lead/Funnel Optimization and Email Capture

Working with Bitfountain, we increased sign ups 284.9% in the first month. Every business wants more leads, and we can help. We pick the best marketing tools for your team, use a data-driven approach to increase conversions and get you more leads so you can hit your quarterly goals

Your New CMO

Dan increased Code School’s revenue 400% and increased users by 1000% in 18 months.

Dan, one of the original growth hackers, currently serves as a part-time CMO at multiple companies and comes with years of experience you can’t find anywhere else. He knows what needs to be done to grow your business and how to manage a team to get it done quickly. Using a data-driven approach, he will build and oversee your new marketing program so that it creates sustainable growth.

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Analyze Data

Data analysis enables us to pinpoint your specific growth opportunities.


MarTech Strategies

We create multiple martech strategies backed by data, broken down tactically.


Value Prioritization

We prioritize the projects and tactics that bring you the most revenue.



Our hands-on team works with you to integrate. This ensures proper execution while providing training to your team.

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