Build Cool Sh*t:

A Blueprint to Building a
Segment CDP Stack

“McGaw was an early adopter and evangelist of Segment CDP and our customers since the early days. I recommend reading and working with Mcgaw for any sales deal and tech stack implementation.”

—Joey Malysz, Segment Partnerships

One to One Personalization Is a Game Changer

It Only Happens with Segment CDP

If you want to improve your marketing outcomes, you have to integrate Segment CDP correctly.

From tracking customer data to knowing which tool connects best with Segment CDP, knowing how to activate customer data in personalization or marketing campaign connection is critical.

Customers won’t get far if their Segment CDP isn’t integrated right!

Let McGaw, an industry veteran with over a decade of Segment CDP experience, support you in shortening sales cycles, breaking into target accounts, and increasing the pipeline.

Closed Deal Faster: Service Titan was closed in half the time when involving McGaw from the start to enforce business cases and multi-thread the deal to drive speed to close.

Overcome any competitor: McGaw is an indsutry thought leader across all CDPs and can come to the table with many ways to beat any competitor in the deal. Lets face it, you’re a biased resource when selling Segment CDP and we can be a differentiator.

Generate a Bigger Pipeline: When account mapping with McGaw we can build an aircover campaign to support you and get those pesky prospect to turn into deals.

Break into Target Accounts: With McGaw by your side we can invite prospect on The Stack podcast to help open doors, do discovery for you, and then back channel intel.

Increase your stock price: Segment’s NRR right now is 96%, not where investors like it. McGaw has taken customers like Oura Ring from at risk and nearly churning to retained and multiple expansions to drive up NRR.

Increase Renewal Size: was struggling to see value when McGaw got involved. We expanded the account multiple times in one year, and made the renewal contract even bigger.

Close bigger Deals: Sprinklr’s Segment deal was increased multiple times during the sales process with McGaw support in adding new marketing outcomes and business cases.

Some of our many joint customers

A Word From The Author

A Word From Our Founder

“I have been working with Segment hands-on since 2013, long before most people even knew what a CDP was. McGaw was the first consulting company that specialized in Segment CDP implementations back in 2014.

We have supported sales reps in closing $100,000s by breaking into accounts for them, shortening deal cycles, and landing many expansion deals.

Since we opened our doors we have gone on to complete over a hundred Segment integrations. And plan to do hundreds more.”

Dan McGaw – Founder/CEO of McGaw

Some of the commons tools we connect to Segment

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